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Miracle Money Stories

Introduction: Miracle Money events come in all sizes and from too many sources to count. That is why they are called “Miracles” and why we are not to block them by holding expectations of how much or from where they will appear when we say the MMT Statement. The following are just a few of the thousands of stories -- some small, some medium, and some, like the first one below, very large. In a word, all the ways the MMT can work in our lives are truly limitless.

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Here is one of the Miracle Money stories I always use when teaching this process to groups. Back in 1987 when I was living in Madison, WI. I met a young man, we will call “John.” This young man had an Masters degree in entomology [the study of bugs!] from the Univ of WI in Madison. Because John didn't want to work for the chemical companies, he was having trouble getting a job. He kept emphasizing this by telling people he wasn't working nearly every time he had a conversation with them. I knew this type of negative reinforcement was not helping the situation, so I decided to take him aside and teach him the Miracle Money Technique. He was very open to this working for him and took it all in.

Well, John is the reason I sometimes add another Rule which is: "Don't call me before 7:30 in the morning to tell me this works!" Because of course, John did call me the next day roughly around 7 am to tell me how some friends of his had stopped by the night I taught him the MMT and unexpectedly gave him a gift of $50 in cash and also invited him to visit with them over one of the holiday weekends. So I reminded him about then saying, "And this week I will experience another Miracle having to do with money" so the process would keep going. He assured me he would and I continued to get reports on his "Miracles" over the coming weeks.

One day, several months later, he called in great excitement because his perseverance had paid off in ways and to an extent neither of us had imagined. John had received a call from the Univ of Wisconsin inviting him to come back and get a PhD in entomology on scholarship!! He hadn't even applied for one! Not only that, they offered him free housing on campus and a monthly stipend. Holy cow! While there was some actual cash involved [the stipend], by now John had no trouble seeing that the free tuition and housing was an enormous Miracle having to do with money even though he would never have the actual cash associated with that in his hands!

The following are stories from a couple of private Internet message boards where I taught the Miracle Money Technique to those members interested in it:

I worked for a US Regulatory Board [that shall remain nameless] in DC for several decades. Today I got a real money miracle with a sizable check from a class action lawsuit against the government involving them not paying me enough. The pay wasn't all that much; however, the interest was quite sizable! 

I thought I would give it a try so two days ago I said the Miracle Money Statement. The next day I needed to buy my daughter some more ski gloves as she had lost hers. I was at the store and found a pair for $12 so I decided to buy them as she really does need them. I went to the till to pay for them and to my surprise they had a discount sticker of $8 and then when they were rung through I got a further discount and only ended up paying $5 for the gloves. 

I have been trying this for the last couple of weeks, I wasn't really expecting much to happen because to be honest I don't consider myself very lucky at all where money is concerned. It's like I'm jinxed when it comes to anything financial.

Anyway, the fist few days all that happened was every time I said it I would find a lot of loose change - nothing much but I would take it and put it in my change jar, say thank you and do the statement again. I kept finding change.  Then last week my daughter decided that instead of my coming to her house everyday to babysit her daughter, she would start bringing her to my house a couple of times a week, which that is good because it saves me gas money.  Then the first week it turned out that things kept happening and she ended up bringing the baby to my house everyday, meaning that I saved five days worth of gas - which is almost as good as money in the bank.  So I said the MM statement again, and today - out of an unusual set of circumstances and from a source I would never have expected I received $150!!!!  And what is really strange is that is the amount that I need to pay a couple of bills that are due in a few days and I didn't know how I was going to get the money for them!!!  I was really stressing about it. NowI'm a believer.

Wow, this works! A family member borrowed money from me last March and I never expected to see it back (which was OK). I used your process and totally unexpected, a check for this money showed up.   And this week I will expect another money miracle. 

OMG, OMG Miracle Report:  This past Friday, on my very FIRST day using the Money Miracle Technique, I had multiple MIRACLES in just one day!  

1) The first miracle was when I booted up on my computer and discovered I'd been given a $40 gift membership to the board. (Yea!) I acknowledged the Money Miracle and repeated the statement.

2) I was down to my last $190 with no job and owed my eviction lawyer $300 -- to defend me from drug-criminal landlords -- and a trial coming up this week. I was just going to give up and leave town. Quit at last. I drove in to see my some-time writing partner to tell him my problems. When I got there, he said, "Did you get the $1,000 I wired into your account? In shock, I said, no, because we haven't been working. I still hadn't told him I was in trouble. This was done somehow with no explanation. So he makes a phone call to check and tells me, yes there's $1,000 in your account. I was stunned. (I said "thank you," acknowledged the 2nd MM and quickly said my second "another" statement for the day).

3) Then, he's on this conference call. I go out, come back in -- still haven't told him my troubles -- and he says, "I just asked then to cut you a check for another $1,000. Go over and pick it up." WHAT? I'm in shock. So I quickly acknowledge it with another "thank you" and say my third "another" for the day...

4) He then tells me he's going to put me on the payroll of his new company (we'll see, but I said my fourth just to be safe).

5) He then says to come back after I get the $1,000 to meet someone. I meet with a woman he wants me to work with. We hit it off and she invites me to dinner and says it's on her -- an elegant restaurant in Beverly Hills. I acknowledge it and say "another" again.

6) Then I come home and find a package at my door -- an expensive cosmetic gift from a friend in Boston.

It is really amazing. It is now 11:00 pm, about 14 hours after I first said the phrase, and I'm wondering what can happen next; how high I can count??? So, I hope all will try it.  it's truly a GIFT and very powerful!

"Oh my goodness!" This sooo works! I had a ton of miracles today!

First off, on my lunch break I'm talking to my manager, asking if we get paid this week and she says "Yeah, and we should be getting our raises too." 

My manager pays for everyone's lunch.

With the $5 I got back from not having to pay for lunch, I go to a gas station and buy some snacks and 2 lotto tickets since they didn't have "Casino Fortune" which I really wanted to play. I expected the price to be a whole lot more, and it turned out to be exactly $5.

I go to a 7-11 convenience store and get the "Casino Fortune" game that I original wanted to play. I win $15.  I'm cracking up right now as I'm typing this!

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HI! I'm fairly new to the board and this is the first I've posted. However, I am not new to the Miracle Money Technique as it was taught to me in 1997. I want to say that after all these years it is STILL WORKING. Here's an example from this morning: We live in the northeast where a bitter cold spell is currently keeping everyone inside and under wraps. Even our dogs run outside and back in as fast they can or their little legs freeze up within minutes and we have to carry them because they're so frozen (had to set the stage for this one). Anyway - the heat was working at midnight, yet at 8:00AM it was 55 degrees in the house and dropping steadily (as well as rapidly). No panic - called the people who had put in the furnace and was told they could MAYBE get to us today and that they were working on overtime charges even though it was only Friday.

Okay - now maybe a little panic. Firmly stated the Miracle Money Technique as suggested when the body feels that bit of panic rise (income has been slight recently and funds for surprise furnace repair are in short supply at the moment). Started going through the phone book and each call went down a bit in price but they still couldn't guarantee service today (I'm thinking freezing and burst pipes by this time). As I'm looking for an ad on the page in the phone book I catch sight of another ad (not seen on my previous 3 perusals) and it says "Emergency Service 24/7 - No Overtime Charges". I call and not only is the price the best one yet they say they can probably get here sometime this morning.

End of story - We had the problem fixed within 3 hours for a very honest, decent price - despite the fact that hundreds of people around here are seeking the same services at the same time. Oh - forgot to mention that the part we needed was on the truck - the very last one he had left!! 

 And this week I will experience another miracle having to do with money.

 I was sent this technique in a message and I have to admit, it worked to the fullest with me. I went to work today saying the Statement before I left, and come to find out after I got to work that I was due for a raise a year ago!! They not only told me that, but I was due all the back pay, plus overtime, and double overtime hours. I was in shock, because i truly have nothing and the combined raise and overtime is at least five grand!! Thank you so much for giving me that extra hope and guidance.

Well, Well, Well... let me tell you of my last two days.  After repeating the affirmation (and trying very hard not to want to say it every time I thought of it!!)...that first night I hit the jackpot...Yep, I was thrilled to find 6 cents in coin at the bottom of the washer.  But, I was proud, I had drawn money to me, and hey, I got to say the affirmation again, expecting more to flow into my life.  Well, I went for tutoring this morning.  I was a bit upset that no one was home last Friday for tutoring (and I needed the money!)... so, was thrilled when they apologized to me afterwards, and gave me money for BOTH today and LAST FRIDAY...SO, now, in less that 24 hours, I am $30.06 up.  Well, the adventure continues.  I again made my affirmation, feeling rather smug and happy that it was, indeed, drawing money to me.  This afternoon, I was at my son's house.  He's owed me several thousand dollars for almost a year.  Imagine my shock when he strode into the kitchen and handed me FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS... I hadn't asked for it, as I knew that times were tough...but, again, I made my affirmation that this week I would receive another miracle having to do with finances.  Two days later, I am $561.06 up, and it looks as if my financial crisis is almost over... YEAH.  So, if you haven't started, what are you waiting for?  I know the Universe is ready and willing to share with you, too! 

I used this technique this week and today, I just found out I get a big bonus for referring a colleague who was hired on with the same company!  I knew we had a referral system but did not think I would get this much ($1000) and also thought the person had to be here 6 months, and discovered it is only 90 days!  Yippee!

Oh, wow, i started doing the MMT by saying the Statement late friday evening, figuring come Monday this would happen. Come to find out, I thought I only had $200 in energy assistance coming for this current year, being very much behind with gas and electric, (shut-off notices and all)  i've been in frustration mode with them for 2 months now, phone calls, and to no avail, til YESTERDAY when i found out, I will be awarded 875.00 (which will catch up all past due on both) and pay a few months in advance on BOTH !!!

It's now Tuesday, and i'm so excited i've been sharing this with my kid (he's 28) - and it worked for him yesterday, free lunch by his friends at work) and he found a nice bike for my grand-baby for $5 on craigs list, (brand new) !!!!!

I have another one and its a great one!  My money has been really tight this year, and now going through a divorce has made it worse.  Every penny counts.  After Christmas, I put the tree back in the attic.  Then, I could not close the attic door.  I called a repairman but decided against it as it was going to cost $200 basically to come out.  I looked on line at attic doors and most of the sites said the hardware is not fixable and you have to replace the entire system, which started at $200.  I knew this project I could never do myself even if I wanted to.  

I then called a family friend.  He came over and looked at it and said he would "try" to repair it.  He decided that maybe he could do it by replacing some of the rivets on the hardware with some stronger bolts.  I had 63 cents in my wallet and a $5 bill.  We bought the bolts and the total came to 63 cents.  I prayed that night that God would just show his presence in our lives and I prayed for God's abundance.  My friend came over the next day and fixed the attic door for 63 cents!

Most recent Money Miracle: Twas WAY behind in my car payment, circumstances I could not control due to a major check this summer not arriving for MONTHS... FInally called the car company (after many unanswered calls from them) and I was told if I could pay for one month, they would let me out of the other two months payments, tacking it onto the end of my financing.  THAT is MONEY... I know I'll pay a bit more interest, but that is almost $900.00 that I won't have to try to come up with to get caught up. This works, people...and, with no money coming in, while continuing to do the MMT I’ve gotten tutoring jobs, and unexpected food and necessities to live through two months with NO income!!!  DO IT!

OK, here's my update. This morning my husband received word that he's getting a big contract job. They just need to cut through the red tape and then they'll send him a contract to sign. So we said the MM Statement again. Shortly after that, he got a call from a current client telling him they're sending him a big project to do. So we said it again. This evening we went into a store looking for an item that they turned out not to have. But they did have the flannel sheets we've been craving for 70% off. We heat our house entirely with a wood burning stove, so we like to have extra warm beds. So we said it again and we'll see what happens. We did buy a lotto ticket tonight just in case the universe wants to use that channel. 

Update #2: We had to say the Statement again this morning because we won $15 in lotto. 

I taught the MMT to one of my friends and she said the Statement. The day after she said it and after looking for work for many months, she was offered a great job. This job was a total surprise. It wasn't something she applied for. A friend recommended her and the guy called her and offered the job based on the friend's recommendation!

I have an interesting Miracle Money story of my own. Earlier this week, I said the Statement and had a few responses (on Tuesday) which were unclear to me (if they counted as Money Miracles). The first response was when I went to park at the Post Office. I noticed that there was 15 minutes already paid for in the parking meter. As I wasn't sure if this was going to be enough time, I fed a quarter into the meter to increase the time to around 30 minutes. I was in and out of the Post Office in about 5 minutes. Kind of a Miracle, but I did spend that quarter. 

On my way back to work, I decided to get a couple slices of pizza for lunch at a pizza place I like. I forgot that on Tuesday they run their $1 cheese pizza slice specials. So I got a nice discount. As with the Post Office, I wasn't quite sure if it should be counted as a Miracle since at least subconsciously I knew that Tuesday = discount pizza day. 

Well on Friday evening those two events/responses were on my mind again - I was again wondering if I should count them as Money Miracles. Well, Saturday afternoon I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood for some exercise. Wouldn't you know it, on the sidewalk, not far from my apartment, were two pennies! I laughed because universe seemed to be saying (jokingly), "Is that clear enough for you?" (lol)

COMMENTARY: This is an example of the rule that says, "Do not repeat except in case of DOUBT or fear." Getting the first 15 minutes free was a clear Money Miracle. It was your concern about time that had YOU adding the extra money. So, here you also received your first lesson in trusting the Miracle -- the meter was also telling you that you would only need 15 minutes, or less. Owning [seeing and acknowledging] the fact you got the pizza for $1 was a clear Money Miracle if you realize that when you set to go get the pizza it was not BECAUSE you knew is was a $1 that day -- you simply wanted pizza for lunch. If something even hints towards being a Money Miracle, acknowledge it without second guessing it and then they will multiply. When in doubt, see and accept it as a Money Miracle anyway and then repeat the Statement. And I love the two pennies part!!