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Question 1: How did this process originate?

Answer: This whole process came in intuitively while I was teaching an extra curricular workshop for a group of college seniors on ”Dreams and Goals.” Because they kept interrupting me with the same emphatic question, "Yeah but, what about the money?" I finally stopped and said, "Well, let's take care of that issue right now!" This was said before I even had a clue how I would answer them, yet in that moment -- in a literal blink of an eye -- I suddenly "knew" what to say next and the Miracle Money Technique was launched! This truly inspired teaching came in just as it is presented at the opening of this site, including the Statement, the Rules and the Explanation of Terms. The only change made over the years was the addition of Rule 3.

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Question 2: When using the Miracle Money Technique, should I repeat the Statement multiple times?

Answer: The Miracle Money Technique (MMT) is not an affirmation, which is something one tends to repeat. The MMT is training in Trust (with a capital T). It also helps us awaken our awareness of how powerful we are when we exert our higher faculties of Will [this is not will power or ego willfulness]. One CAN repeat this Statement, however, under two conditions: 1) if one is assailed by any doubt or fear and 2) after one has experienced and acknowledged the Miracle. If, for example, you haven't seen a Miracle and you can't remember exactly when you said the Statement, or you are not certain whether a particular event was a Money Miracle, you are likely feeling doubt. If you get an unexpected bill or at any time are finding fear arising in the body around money issues. In these instances of doubt or fear, please repeat the Statement firmly and with some conviction, then release it to do its work. 

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Question 3:  Why is it important to only use the words as they are given and not to add or change them?

Answer:  The simplest answer is because after thirty years of watching people’s application of the process and their results, we have seen that when someone chooses to change the words, the MMT process simply doesn’t work. I cannot explain why that is, yet the outcome has been consistent. This is especially apparent when people contract the words "I will" into "I'll", because the most important word in the whole Statement is not Miracle or Money, it is the word WILL. That is the word that supplies the energy necessary to make the MMT process efficacious. This is the reason we strongly suggest that if you teach the process to others, you give them a copy of the entire Teaching, including the Purpose of the Phrases, by downloading the PDF at the bottom of the Teaching Section.

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Question 4: Does it count if you realize a Money Miracle happened a day or two after the fact and 'give note' then? 

Answer: When working with Miracles, time is not important. We often don't immediately catch that the Money Miracle has occurred at the moment it does, so its FINE to acknowledge it at the moment we realize it, then repeat the Statement. Don't beat yourself up for the delay. Totally unnecessary.

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Question 5: If a Money Miracle happens to your significant other (with whom you obviously share expenses) does that count too?

Answer: If you are sharing expenses, the Miracle is to be acknowledged even if the partner is the one who seems to be the recipient. By saying the Statement, you created the Miracle, and you both benefit. It is best to clue your partner in on what is happening, because then the Miracles tend to double in number. 

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Question 6: Can I share this with my other family members, co-workers and friends?

Answer: Yes, of course. Just make certain that you include ALL of the teaching and directions. You may be saying the MM Statement correctly and are experiencing the Miracles, but as the game of "Telephone" teaches us, the whole process can be passed on to third and fourth parties in a way you would not recognize. I once had to correct nearly every word in the Statement when someone, who had "learned" it from a third-party-twice-removed, called in anger to tell me that it was useless and didn't work. Of course it didn't, the simple MM Statement was screwed up, and the person they received it from didn't bother to pass on the two rules or the reasons for each term!

Teaching the MMT to family and friends has additional benefits: first, every time you teach it to someone else, it will automatically start another Miracle cycle for you. In addition, if you get the opportunity to teach it to a group, you will find the subsequent Money Miracle to be much more expansive. The second benefit is that if there are others around you who are aware of the process, they will often assist you to see a MM you might otherwise have missed.

I especially encourage teaching children this process. They are amazingly able to see the Miracle --- especially those not involving green pieces of paper --- sometimes even before the adults do. While 5-6 year olds might be too young, 8-9 seem to do just fine with it. No reason why the whole family can't get involved. 

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Question 7: How often can I do this technique and when? In other words, if I get a Money Miracle, do I have to wait a week to begin the process all over again?

Answer: As several of the stories show us, you can "experience a Miracle having to do with money" more than once a week! After having received and acknowledged a Money Miracle, there is no need to wait to repeat the Statement.  Just add the word another and say it this way: “This week I will experience ANOTHER Miracle having to do with money.”

First time I tried it for myself, I got three in one day -- the first was 25 cents found in the bottom of and old purse I was about to discard, the second was a check for $25 for something my daughter sold for me and the third was valued at over $250, although it was in the form of free law books ---one of those "having to do with money" Miracles without green pieces of paper exchanged.

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Question 8: It upsets me when all I get are a few coins. How can these be a Money Miracle?

Answer: The reason we often just get some coins -- what I refer to as "the penny on the floor" -- is to assure us that at that particular moment and despite whatever we may think, that our needs are being met AND that the process works! If you get a penny, nickel or other small coins, acknowledge the MM and repeat the Statement.

Most people will find a penny at first and then sometimes get disgruntled and think this doesn't work! Obviously when that happens, it is because we set our own expectations on what is and what is not a "Miracle."  That's why the instructions tell us we are not to have any expectation of where the Miracle will come from and in what amount. So many times, when I have just found the penny --- or a nickel -- I will repeat the Statement through clinched teeth, because I want "more." That's OK, it will work!

Your experiences also bring forth another important point -- as you trust and continue to use the process despite only receiving "unimportant coins" in the beginning, the value of the Miracle tends to increase with use. That is a point I hoped that many would take from the story of John that opened the MMT Stories page.

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Question 9: I think I must be doing something wrong, it's not working. 

"I said the Statement on Tuesday- then got a notice the bank returned a $20 check and charged me $35!!  So I figured I would wait a day - nothing happened.

I repeated it on Thursday - and got an oil bill for over $700!!- Absolutely NO positives at all-and its not even pay week either!!

        1. Am I perhaps not stating it with conviction

        2. How long before something happens? I know you said not to keep repeating, and I didn’t - but I               was just curious as to when something positive would be seen

I SO Want to believe. I am usually a positive person   What do you think?"

Answer: Assuming that you said the Statement without any changes, two things come to mind. First is that the week is not over until next Tuesday. If you perceive that it did not happen right away, [although it might have and was missed] perhaps you are holding a strong expectation that something happen NOW, on your schedule. That simply will not work. Having made the Statement and released it, we must also release any expectations as to how, when, and in what amount the MM will appear. Holding such expectations interferes with the process and weakens instead of strengthens your ability to Trust at the same time. The words “This week” give us a set deadline while at the same time give enough “room” for circumstances to be set up for the appearance of the Miracle. 

Second -- this is an "and/or" with the first point -- you could be placing more emphasis on having green pieces of paper show up in some form and not remembering that the Statement says ".... having to do with money." Our inner ego/judge would like nothing more than for this process to fail; therefore it talks us out of seeing a MM right in front of us. If that happens, we will miss recognizing the penny on the floor MM, or the Miracle HAVING TO DO WITH money. I have often had people come to me 6-7 days later and say that it didn't work, yet when I asked them to tell me about their week, found that they had missed huge Miracles simply because it didn't come in the form of green pieces of paper personally handed to them!!

First time I remember doing this, the woman was adamant that it worked for her husband all week long, however SHE didn't get a Miracle. So, I asked her to just relate what had occurred that week and about the 3rd "event" she began telling me how some friends, who were moving out of state, called to ask if she would like this brand new swing set for her kids [they were between 5-8 years old] AND, they could even deliver it by truck to the house!! She did not SEE this as a Miracle because it wasn't money. She was so focused on paying off some heavy debts they had accumulated and had expected that the Miracle would come in to help with that. This is why we are not to have an expectation of the source of the Miracle, or the amount.

As for “believing” in the Miracle Money Technique -- The goal here is not to "believe" in anything. We don't need to "believe" in electricity, even though even scientists cannot really tell us how it works. We don't need to believe because we see it work in every day life. In the same way that you assume the lights will go on when you hit the switch, see if you can find that place inside yourself that allows you to both relax into expecting that the process will work while you are also vigilant enough to recognize when it does. I call this "being in a state of “relaxed vigilance." That is the biggest difference I pick up in the energy of those who struggle with this process and that of the people who have had immediate success. They were much less tense, even though their life circumstances at the time might have been dire. 

COMMENTARY: The issue of whether the Miracle Money Technique works or not is much deeper than the answer given. The response above covers the most likely reasons for failure in a majority of cases. However, through our decades of work with clients, we have also seen that there can be other reasons that block the process even when it is being done correctly. These may involve a strong inner belief of not feeling worthy enough to receive money, which is merely a symbol of our sense of self-worth; or might include hidden fears and beliefs imprinted in the non-genetic DNA passed down for centuries that over ride one's choices in the present. An example of the latter is an ancestor who took a Vow of Poverty, which was imprinted in their DNA and subsequently passed on so that the bodymind [the intelligence in each cell] believes that the vow still applies today! [For the science behind this, search for articles on "Project ENCODE," which stands for Encyclopedia of DNA Elements.]

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Question 10: Does it negate the effect if one shares the money? 

"I have attended several grass roots events that have a 50/50 drawing as a fundraiser. Each time I have won, I always instantly donate the money back to the cause. Is that going to negate the effect if I don't keep the miracle, or just pass the miracle on so it grows? If I find coins on the ground, I tend to place them face up in a more obvious place. I work in a strip mall, and often find coins on the sidewalk. I place them on the brick ledge by the doors of other stores. It's not that I'm rich enough to hand out money, I just feel that sometimes it's better to share. I don't want to weaken the effect if I don't seem grateful enough to keep the miracle."

Answer: It does not negate or weaken the effect of the Money Miracle for you to share it. Once you acknowledge it, (per Rule #1) you are free to do with it as you please. Gratitude arises naturally at the moment of recognition and acceptance of the Money Miracle; it does not require you to keep it if your inclination is to share. Also acknowledge the coins you are finding -- even if you leave them behind for others. The Miracle Money Technique is an experiential teaching process. One of its major goals is learning to exercise (and then experience) the power of your God-given Free Will in a way that is beneficial to self and others, because this power of Will is not "power over," it is "power to." Later, you will find that the teaching has "transfer value," meaning that you can call upon that same faculty of Will to accomplish other things, especially in service to others (which ought to appeal to someone with such a generous spirit)!

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